Workshop Descriptions


Adirondack Pack Basket-Old Forge basketmaker, Barbara Green, will teach students how to build a condensed version of the quintessential Adirondack Pack Basket that employs the same weaving technique as the original design. The pack stand 12" high when completed. It can sit flat or hang for display. The harness will fit a small adult or can be carried as a day pack. It comes with a harness in your choice of colors: red,green, brown, butternut, wine, black, or navy. Stain instructions are included in the directions.

Cost-$105.00 (materials included)


Ceramonial talking sticks-Old Forge resident, Andree Dennis Newton, whose work is part of the Native American Collection at the Adirondack Experience, will instruct students on the construction of a Native American "talking stick". These instruments were used at council meetings to designate who would speak. Made from found beaver sticks and adorned with paint, feathers, beads, and animal images, create a piece of your own history. 

Cost-$55.00 (materials included)




Safety is our #1 priority

Please show proof of vaccination to participate in all workshops