Birch Accent Basket-Barbara Green will begin with a 6"x9" woven

base with added inserts to make it a "solid" base. Students will use smoked round reed for twining and two rows of birch bark. Cedar bark for the rim and waxed linen lashing will be added. This is a rustic looking basket and will make a beautiful display piece that can be used in many ways. A clear finish will preserve the bark!

Cost-$78.00(All materials included)


Woodcarving of Chickadee-With decades of experience and numerous awards and television appearances, master carver, Rick Butz, from Blue Mountain Lake, will teach the class how to carve and paint one of the favorite Adirondack birds. Covering topics such as tool selection, sharpening and safe carving, you will leave with a realistic, life-sized copy of the real thing. All tools and materials are provided, but if you have your own carving tools and small paintbrushes, please feel free to bring them. For beginner to intermediate carvers. Cost-$65.00 (All materials included)


Mischief Maker Gourd-Old Forge resident, Andree Dennis Newton, whose work is a part of the permanant collection of the Adirondack Experience, will teach students the basics of Abanakee Indian mask making. The "mishchief maker" is part of the lore handed down by indigenous peoples of many tribes. All materials will be supplied including gourds, paints, brushes, beads and feathers. You are asked to come ready to share your "mischief" stories. Andree will be sharing hers! Cost- $50.00 (All materials included)